Alt-J : Left Hand Free (Lido Remix)

Here we go, post number 1.

Alec discovered this song a few days ago. He sent it to me and I was instantly impressed. Remixes tend to ruin the original beat and underlying feel. This is normally a result of overlaying additional beats and/or bass-heavy sounds to the original track. Alt-J’s “Left Hand Free” is in of itself a great song – with great lyrical content and the simple yet powerful guitar providing the background for Joe Newman’s goose-bump giving voice. However, the Lido Remix takes “Left Hand Free” to another level by adding the much needed synths and electronic elements to “Left Hand Free”. However, if you are like me and enjoy the original components of the song within remixes, look to about 2:50 of the “Left Hand Free (Lido Remix)” where you can clearly hear “Well your left hand’s free and your right’s in a grip.” – music to our ears. Literally.

I think that’s what makes this remix so great – it combines the electronic aspects of the remix without losing the integrity of Alt-J’s original work. Posted below is the link to the remix via SoundCloud. Look for Alec’s first post on Wednesday of this week. Cheers!

– Jonah




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