The Return of Jai Paul?

Jai Paul is an artist from the UK who is shrouded in mystery. Never has a singer / songwriter had such a profound impact on the music industry with only two single releases. Paul’s tracks, “BTSTU” (released in 2011 by his label: XL Recordings) and “Jasmine” (released in 2012), are two of the greatest pieces of musical art available since 2000. Pitchfork Media named his leaked album, which has since been taken down from Bandcamp, on their 100 Greatest Albums of the Decade So Far article in August 2014. Paul stays out of the public eye – with only an official Twitter account, website, and SoundCloud page. His lack of attention by the media and his influence is best summarized by Clash, a British music publication, who stated that “Hype is a fascinating commodity. Where some quickly melt down the attention for liquid purpose, promising talent Jai Paul removed all his music from MySpace and went to get his shit together.”

Paul has not released a full official album yet – it is supposedly an ongoing project that Paul is not giving a timeline or release date for. His last official release was “Jasmine” in 2012. However, on November 13th Pitchfork Media noted Paul’s presence on Miguel’s Instagram (read the article here), reigniting debate on when Paul’s next album will grace our ears.

I am excited to hear new material from Paul. Although that may be months, years, or decades from now. Until that day comes I will continue to listen to “Jasmine” and “BTSTU”.

“Jasmine” is a track with an interesting and abrupt electronic background. Paul’s soft vocals and repetitive lyrics make for a sound that has never been heard before and is near impossible to imitate. The variety in sounds, both lyrical and instrumental, make this track one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Check out his works below via SoundCloud.

– Jonah



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