Sisyphus : Take Me

Sisyphus is rare; one of the many somewhat underground artists of the genre: trip-hop. Sisyphus’ first full-length album, Sisyphus, was released earlier this year in early March, and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to review it ever since. Though this isn’t a full album review, as I believe the only way to fully understand Sisyphus’ unique sound is by listening to it yourself. The song from said album that most exemplifies trip-hop is “Take Me.” “Take Me” starts out with this building, low, mellow synth in the background and a wood block clack that is repeated throughout to throw the listener right into what makes the trip-hop genre so special, the music itself. Following an introduction of the beat-keeping distorted dreamiest, the hushed vocals of the group’s lyricist and vocalist, Sufjan Stevens, begin. The song at its core is a sort-of hip-hop ballad that portrays a coming-down after a long night sensation between a girl and a guy. This is most notable in the music video, which, though definitively peculiar, I would highly recommend to help aide a better understanding of what the lyrics of the song, and the meaning behind the mellow, electronica music is all about. Overall, this song is about sitting back, eyes closed, and just enjoying the entrancing voice of Sufjan Stevens as it is amplified by the musically ingenious duo of Serengeti and Son Lux, forming the perfect trio with: Sisyphus.

– Alec




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