Kid Astray : Back To The Ordinary (Jerry Folk Remix)

If there is one thing that Kid Astray is right about, it is that, “As any fool will tell you, the majority of the planet’s best pop acts hail from Scandinavia.” Well Scandinavia, you’ve done it again. Kid Astray, a group of 5 young male electronic artists and 1 extraordinary female vocalist, hail from Oslo, Norway, and are in the process of revamping the Scandinavian pop scene. This scene has fallen into a bit of a lull in recent years as every up-and-coming artists simply attempts to mimic the successful artists of old: but not Kid Astray. With some creative new-age style bass, and the epitome of perfect treble swells, Kid Astray has come up with their best new sound yet: “Back To The Ordinary.” Where “Back To The Ordinary” becomes repetitive near the end, Kid Astray’s fellow Osloite, Jerry Folk, comes in with his personal touch of a back-staged guitar overlay, and some overall auto-tuning mastery. “Back To The Ordinary” is Kid Astray’s most recent single, and Jerry Folk’s most recent remix, as the two artists come together to create this incredible piece of music. Keep your eyes peeled folks, as I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Kid Astray.

– Alec




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