Ivy & Gold : Headlights

“Here we are (You caught me in your headlights)

Here we are (We only have tonight)

Love can be so, love can be so unkind, so unkind”

The echoes of the chorus are addictive. This song is on repeat on my iPod this past week and if you download “Headlights,” you too will be singing the lyrics as loud as you possibly can just as I do. The lyrics are perfect and the melodic voice of Rachel Wilkinson resonates with listeners looking for an alt-electropop track to blow them away. As Jamie Davies provides the perfect synth-filled background to Rachel’s voice – the band, reigning from the UK, has a ton of potential for great future sounds. I only wish the track was a little longer in length but I suppose every radio-destined hit has its flaws.

Ivy & Gold is a relatively new band (formed in 2011) with a mere sub-7,000 “likes” on their Facebook page. Support the band and purchase their new EP Smoke and Mirrors. Check out more on Ivy & Gold below and thank me later.

– Jonah



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