Uncivil Rest : Lurking Ghosts

Let me start this post by saying that, if you like The National, you will like Uncivil Rest as they are very similar.

James – this is the only name I was able to find for the the man behind the music of Uncivil Rest. Uncivil Rest is an up-and-coming alt-rock group out of Brisbane, Australia. By up-and-coming, I mean James has 1 song on SoundCloud with less than 1,000 plays as I write this post. James has been writing music sporadically  since 2012. His debut song, and the lead single of his upcoming, yet to be named EP, “Lurking Ghosts”, was produced by Sean Cook at The Plutonium earlier this year. It was released as recently as this past October.

“Lurking Ghosts” is an acoustic masterpiece. The track is not marked by the lackluster effects that most other entirely acoustic pieces have. From the very beginning of the song, where an acoustic guitar intro builds up to James’ distinctive, soul-filled voice (which truly does sound like that of The National’s Matt Berninger). It is evident that this song is James’ way of pouring out his pent-up musical ambitions. With powerful lyrics sung by James’ deep and calm voice, “Lurking Ghosts” will be the track that people remember the organic roots of Uncivil Rest.

If you like Uncivil Rest’s “Lurking Ghosts,” be sure to check out more via Triple J Unearthed and look for their debut EP in early 2015.

– Alec



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