Clem Leek : You’re So Very Far Away

Clem Leek, a UK native, composes music as well as specializes in sound design. His focuses include modern classical music, ambient tunes, and post-classical tracks. Clem Leek’s songs do not include vocals – he is a purist of sound. Some albums to note include Rest (2013), Lifenotes (2011), and Holly Lane (2010).

“You’re So Very Far Away” resonates with me on a personal level.This track is perfect to drift away to on a Sunday afternoon whether you are studying, reading, or just enjoying the day. The noodling of the acoustics melting with the steady strums of the bass guitar make for a sound that is simply uncompromising. “You’re So Very Far Away” is two minutes and fifty-nine seconds of perfection. Clem Leek has more time to focus on the congruity and inter-connectedness of the sounds since he does not spend time on lyrics. I think this results in better quality tracks that focus on the notes and tempo. The songs are so methodical that they subconciously force the listener to explore Clem Leek’s other works. I am a huge fan of this song and this artist so check out his work below via SoundCloud.

– Jonah



One thought on “Clem Leek : You’re So Very Far Away

  1. Very Explosions in the Sky/Band of Horses. I think if the two had a love child, it would be exactly this. Definitely Sunday afternoon stuff. It’s emotional and introspective but also calming. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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