CHAMPS. : Desire

“Started with explosions,

the sound of bombs in your hear,

but just like everything, just like everything,

the sounds would fade and fall apart…”

From the very beginning of “Desire” by CHAMPS. it is clear the kind of melodic, trance-like state their unique sound can put you in. The literally echoing lyrics of CHAMPS.’s latest single define the folk-pop genre perfectly. “Desire” was recently added to the Rebel playlist by BBC Radio in the UK, and was released as a teaser for CHAMPS.’s upcoming second full-length album.It becomes obvious why this song is receiving so much praise across the Atlantic, as the bright yet faded, vocals, and the upbeat, yet ambient, bass and drum combo blend together harmoniously.

CHAMPS. themselves are a pair of brothers, Michael and David Champion, from the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom. Growing up in the seaside resort of Ventnor, this duo was inspired by the melancholy winters for albums past, such as Down Like Gold, and from the equally melancholy lyrics found in “Desire,” it would seem CHAMPS. is keeping to form. Well CHAMPS., don’t change at thing; “Desire” is an excellent preview to CHAMPS.’s upcoming album, and if that album is anything like their single, I am certain it will be received with great commendation.

For more information on CHAMPS., check out The Guardian‘s profile article on them (, and be sure to listen to their latest music via SoundCloud below:

– Alec



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