The Eden Project : Fumes

“This is beyond belief,
that we keep falling for the lure of
liquid confidence and lights,
and we skydive from walls we built,
dying just to feel alive.”

From an opening dominated by guitar trills and an electronic backdrop, to the latter half of the song where The Eden Project’s mastermind, Jonathan Ng, transitions into a more classic big sound electronic beat, “Fumes,” is an excellent song that epitomizes the direction that alt music is headed.

Jonathan Ng is a young artist out of Dublin, Ireland, who is really starting to gain ground in the alternative and electronic music scene through his working name, The Eden Project. This song, “Fumes,” is taken from his latest project, Bipolar Paradise Pt. II. Jonathan Ng has a unique sound from within the alternative genre, as he combines stereotypical heavy guitar laden pieces with a faded electronic background that really takes the song to its next level. Overlay this with his emotionally driven lyrics, and you have a song that can put Jonathan Ng’s, The Eden Project, fully on the map.

Check out more of The Eden Project’s works, follow them on Twitter, and view their SoundCloud below:

– Alec




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