Serena Ryder : Stompa

Serena Ryder hails from Canada – a vocalist and guitarist, she writes her own music. Serena composes mostly folk- and indie-rock. She has a great vocal range, spanning 3 octaves. Serena Ryder is known for her easily identifiable voice with her raspy, nasally sound. She became popular on the alternative scene after her performance of “Weak in the Knees” in 2007.

“Stompa” is a track of Serena’s from 2012 but it still is a great listen today. “Stompa” is the lead single from Serena’s album Harmony. Serena was quite famous in Canada prior to “Stompa,” however, this track helped her break into the US alternative scene. The track features uplifting lyrics that encourage “people to get outside of their heads and realize that everybody’s got problems and everybody’s got issues and life is hard but music can really help you out” as Ryder states in regards to “Stompa”.

I encourage you all to take a listen and enjoy the musical talents of Serena Ryder – also, be sure to check out the French version of the song, which is just as, if not more, breathtaking than the English version.

– Jonah



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