WOLF SAGA : The Artists

One of my favorite parts of the New Year season is the style of music that many alternative music artists come out with. It’s generally very up-beat and positive with plenty of synthesizers, and jovial lyrics. It’s always a great way to start the New Year right.

Sticking to that mold is London, Ontario born artist Johnny Saga, better known by his stage name of WOLF SAGA. On January 5th, he came out with a freely downloadable song called “The Artists.” It starts off with a great build, harmonizing through the faint sounds of his signature wolves in the background and the incorporation of his, and his backup’s, Mike Brandolino’s, slightly echoing vocals. Continue this throughout, while being overlaid with wavering synthesizers, and “The Artists” becomes a truly incredible song. To top it all off, the song hits its title lyrics for the first time at just before the 1:00 minute mark as WOLF SAGA shouts, “We, the artists,” in a very special tribute to all those alt-electropop artists out there just getting by.

This song is a terrific tribute to all those hard working music artists who stay up late at night dreaming of shining lights, and WOLF SAGA could not have done it better. Check out more of WOLF SAGA’s music via SoundCloud below:

– Alec




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