Album Preview – The Airborne Toxic Event : Dope Machines

The Airborne Toxic Event has its roots grounded in sunny Los Angeles, California but their sound reminds me of a band out of London, England. The edgy guitar riffs and the melancholy voice of Mikel Jollett give The Airborne Toxic Event a sound that is similar to a hybrid of The Smiths and Muse.

After their massive success with All at Once that featured the amazing track, “All I Ever Wanted” and their less notable release, Such Hot Blood, The Airborne Toxic Event is looking to make some noise in the alternative music space with their upcoming album Dope Machines. “Chains” from Dope Machines is a track that brings The Airborne Toxic Event back to the sound from All at Once with the use of crescendos, decrescendos and varying levels of energy within the song . If the rest of Dope Machines is anything like “Chains” then The Airborne Toxic Event is back to giving the people what they want.

Dope Machines comes out on February 24th, look for it then and check out the track “Chains” now via YouTube.


– Jonah



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