Album Review – Palace : Lost In The Night EP

While perusing the Explore section of SoundCloud‘s website today, I stumbled across a song, “I Want What You Got,” that peaked my interest. With some further investigation I found that this song was part of a five song introductory EP by a rather new band, Palace. I listened to every song on the album and then wondered to myself, “Now which of all these great songs should I review?” Thus my first Album Review was born.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from listening to vinyls, it is that the order in which songs on an album are ordered is vital, whether purposeful or not. I firmly believe that listening to any one of the songs on Palace’s EP Lost In The Night individually would truly take away from the listener’s perception of the song. In truth, the length of this short album is actually perfect for the modern listener; at only about 20:00 minutes it’ll take you through your morning routine and have you on your way to an excellent day. This takes us to the actual songs themselves of course, as I’m sure you’re wondering how this album could make your day so wonderful.

At first listen, the self-proclaimed Alternative-Blues-Rock genre band Palace’s sound is melancholy. However, with a more open appreciation for the songs’ subtle tones, both through lyrics and music, the listener can feel the more uplifting notes of the album as a whole. Additionally, as I previously stated, listening to the album in order will also aid any listener in their understanding and appreciation of the music. Overall, all of the songs have lilting, guitar-heavy music with soft, faded lyrics delivered in a deadpan manner that reminds me a little of Courtney Barnett, especially on her album, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas.

The album as a whole is fantastic from beginning to end, but for those looking for a quick fix, my personal favorite off this album would have to be “Bitter,” as it is a little more high-paced than the rest of the songs on this EP. For the whole album through SoundCloud, check the link below:

– Alec



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