Porter Robinson : Divinity (Feat. Amy Milan)

Hi, I’m David Moss and I was asked to write music reviews for New Alt Sounds, which is exciting for me because music is a big part of my life.  I have seen live performances from B.B. King, The White Panda, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers so I am pretty much open to all types of music. My more recent concerts include Passion Pit and Chet Faker. Apart from being a music enthusiast I am also a student at Virginia Tech and originally from Philadelphia. I hope you enjoy the music I select for you as much as I enjoy writing about it.

“Divinity” is off of Robinson’s first album Worlds. The North Carolina native began composing electronic house and dance music at the age of twelve. He was considered to be a star by the age of 18 ranking among the top ten in numerous charts, including the Billboard 21 under 21. In 2010 he released numerous singles and remixes leading up to his EP Spitfire under Skrillex’s label OWSLA. The now 22 year old is also credited with co-writing and singing back-up vocals on Zedd’s track “Clarity”.

Robinson’s newest and first studio album Worlds was released early August of 2014 through Astralwerks and Virgin EMI. The influences of Skrillex, Passion Pit and M83 can be heard on this album. The album has received some criticism from critics who state the album strays away from Robinson’s earlier electronic dance and house music. Some consider his album to more electronic-pop. “Divinity” is a good blend of these different styles of music.

The first track off of Porter Robinson’s Worlds, “Divinity” features the Canadian, indie singer and guitarist Amy Millan. “Divinity” features Millan’s vocals singing the very limited list of lyrics that make up the song. Robinson does a good job of changing up the tempo of the song from upbeat to relaxing in a series of different verses that capture electronic dance, house, and pop. He finally combines these verses for a final chorus at the end of the song.

An abridged version of this song is also featured in Google’s Year in Search 2014 video which can be found on YouTube. Check the full song as well as Porter Robinson’s other work through SoundCloud link below.

Thanks so much!

– David





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