Misterwives : Reflections

Hey guys! My name is Kyle Hayes and this is the first time I’ve ever blogged about music. I’m a Junior at Virginia Tech and I’ve played guitar for ten years. I’ve seen a lot of different bands in concert, from Passion Pit to Chet Faker to Dave Matthews Band. I hope to introduce you all to some new bands that you haven’t heard of. I’ll do my best to not put too much fluff in my entries and I promise they’ll get a lot better as I learn. Thanks and enjoy!

Take fresh, upbeat synthesized rock, funk and pop and add the sunshine that is lead singer Mandy Lee to it and you have the band Misterwives. The five-member indie pop band from NYC started out in 2012 and played their first show as Misterwives in February 2013. The band was signed the very next day to Photo Finish Records, a subsidiary of Island Def Jam and spent the next six months touring, all the while producing the six songs that make up Reflections, their first EP.

The bands opening track, which shares the EP’s name, is lyrically reminiscent of moving on from a bad breakup combined with the same excitement of anticipation for the last day of school. The lyrics don’t disappoint and are accompanied by an upbeat, infectious chorus, great guitar and foot-tapping’ drums. The last chorus really shows Lee’s brilliant voice and gives great insight to the future of the success of the band.

The rest of the album is surprisingly different from the hit “Reflections.” The slower “Vagabond” continues to build on Lee’s voice. The dance track “Imagination Infatuation” uses more instrumental to get you out of your seat. The band has a distinct, addicting and incredibly mature sound that will only continue to get better. The band has released multiple music videos, live performances and lyrics videos all over YouTube, so go check ‘em out!

– Kyle



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