Katastro : Runaway

It would be an absolute “catastrophe” for you to not be informed of the Tempe, Arizona based alt-rock band, Katastro. Formed in 2007 by Andy Chavez (vocals), Andrew Stravers (drums), and Tanner Riccio (guitar), then with the addition of Ryan Weddle (bass), Katastro was soon making waves in the alt-rock music scene. Their music has a distinctive sound too, despite the alt-rock genre label, as they cross samples of rock, funk, blues, and hip hop to create some truly unique songs.

One of these special songs would have to be “Runaway” off of Katastro’s latest album, No Mud No Lotus. Sticking a little more to the rock aspect of their specific sound, “Runaway” is a grooving song with a strong back beat and lilting vocals that entrance the listener into an immediate head-bob. And the “head-bob” as the prototypical dance to Katastro’s music makes perfect sense as their sound really reminds me of bands from the late-to-transitioning hair band era: like Guns and Roses on modernization steroids.

To see the “Runaway” music video via Vevo, as well as more of Katastro’s music through the usual SoundCloud and Twitter links, look below:


– Alec




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