Shlomo : Buried

Henry Laufer began recording music as Shlohmo in Los Angeles in 2009. He released Bad Vibes in 2011, his first full length LP as Shlohmo. Since that time he has been collaborating with a number of artists, most notably Jeremih on their forthcoming EP No More. On April 7th he will release his second album as Shlohmo, Dark Red. The second single off this upcoming album, “Buried” is nothing short of an exercise in emotion.

The track is something out of a David Fincher movie scored by frequent collaborators Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. With a haunting synth/guitar loop resonating throughout the nearly seven-minute long track, “Buried” can leave the listener feeling unsettled. The accompanying hi-hat remains off beat just long enough; long enough to make the listener anxious, wanting the hi-hat to sync with the rest of the production.

The mood of the song lightens considerably with the removal of the synth/guitar loop; where before the song held an air of urgency and paranoia, it releases the listener, allowing them to feel all too comfortable until the reintroduction of the synth/guitar loop. This track is not for the faint of heart; those willing to experience Shlohmo’s “Buried” must be ready for a tense journey with little time for relaxation.

– Joe



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