SUMMER HEART : Beat of Your Heart

One of my absolute favorite sub-genres of alternative music is Lo-Fi. For those of you who don’t know, lo-fi (low fidelity) is the counterpart of hi-fi (high fidelity), which is the quality in which almost all professional music is recorded in. The only reason an artist would use lo-fi is a) they can’t afford, or otherwise don’t have access to, high fidelity recording equipment, or b) they’re purposefully doing so to give their music that muffled sound synonymous with the lo-fi genre. An example of some older alternative lo-fi song you might know would be “Ships” by Umbrellas from Illuminare back in 2006. There are all kinds of other names to describe this kind of sound (Summerwave, Dream Pop, etc.), but they all fall under the highly neglected category of lo-fi.

This week’s artist, new-age master of lo-fi David Alexander, known on stage as SUMMER HEART, is an up-and-coming artist from Sweden. One of the most difficult aspects of listening to lo-fi is that the muted sound can eventually become monotonous and lead you to simply growing tired of longer songs. David on the other hand, has perfected the variation in his music, and the length of his songs, to keep the listener engaged throughout. His most recent single, “Beat of Your Heart,” is a great example of SUMMER HEART’s ability as a lo-fi artist.

Check it out via SoundCloud below:




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