The Wombats : Give Me A Try

“We could be gigantic, everything I need
Vicodin on Sunday nights
This could be worth the risk, worth the guarantee
This could be the drug that doesn’t bite
Just give me a try
Just give me a try
Been kind of hoping you might
Get up and give me a try.”

With lyrics like these, that not only give the song its name, but also point towards the song possibly having a dark tone, one would never think that this song is actually part of the indie-pop genre. The indie-pop genre is one of the most near sickeningly upbeat genres in all of music in my opinion, but for a song like this, where the lyrics are counterintuitive and the layout of the song is lively and unique, indie-pop is genuinely succesful.

The Wombats are an indie band out of Liverpool, England. Comprised of Matthew Murphy (vocals), Dan Haggis (drums) and Tord Øverland Knudsen (guitar), The Wombats have been together since 2003 and won the 2008 Best UK and Ireland New Act award from MTV Europe. Their song “Give Me A Try” is the third single released off of their upcoming album, Glitterbug, which is scheduled for release on April 6th, 2015– it will be their third studio album. The Wombats plan to follow up this album release with a European and American concert tour known as Glitterbug Tour 2015.

Despite the seemingly negative lyrics, which could also be interpreted as The Wombats’s anticipation, or maybe even apprehension, for their next big album and tour, this song brings about an elated, and passionate sensation. It would seem that this will grow into a trend on their upcoming album, which I highly recommend. Be sure to check out “Give Me A Try” and some of The Wombats other music via SoundCloud below:

– Alec



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