Incubus : Pardon Me

Greetings music fans – it is a sunny March 22nd in Boston, MA and I am in a 90’s mood. I have my Bring Back the 90’s playlist on Spotify streaming an unrelenting amount of great alternative and punk rock through my headphones. Arguably the best decade of music was the 90’s but more on that analysis some other time.

When people think of Incubus they normally jump to their top charting hit “Drive” that was released in 2000. Incubus is from Calabasas, CA and started recording music in 1991. Their 1999 album, Make Yourself, was certified double platinum with hits like “Drive”, “Stellar”, and “Pardon Me”.

“Pardon Me” reached number 3 on Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in 2000. The track was inspired by lead singer Brandon Boyd’s turmoil in his life at the time of recording songs for Make Yourself. Reportedly, he returned from a tour to find that his girlfriend of 7 years was cheating on him. The lyrics, “Pardon me while I burst into flames” is an allusion to spontaneous combustion – a parallel to Boyd’s view on his own life.

Enjoy the track and check out what Incubus is up to now via their Twitter account below!

– Jonah



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