Prelow : Mistakes Like This (Skizzy Mars Remix)

If you’ve heard Prelow’s debut EP Why Does Everything Happen So Much you’ve probably heard the most popular track off the Extended Play: “Mistakes Like This.” It’s an incredible song that incorporates the best aspects of multiple genres such as indie rock, summer wave and rap. It’s a song that can only be described as “vibing,” for lack of a better term.

Touting that song in such a manner begs the question, then why choose a remix? When I take a remix over an original as my preference the only reason I do so is because the remix adds something additionally captivating or dynamic. Skizzy Mars’s remix of “Mistakes Like This” definitively accomplishes both of those things. Skizzy changes up the intro of the song by adding his own rap lines; he then continues by reorganizing the layout of the song itself and discreetly inserting his personal touches both lyrically and musically throughout. It is a truly fantastic remix.

Prelow is an artist duo from New York City comprised of Jesse Aicher and Matt Walsh. Myles Mills, stage name Skizzy Mars, is a rapper born and raised in Harlem renowned for his melodic lyrics and style of music. Together this trio has put out an exceptional remix of an equally exceptional original. I continue to expect big things from both of these artists. Check out the song and more from both Prelow and Skizzy Mars via SoundCloud below:



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