Tom Rosenthal : Run For Those Hills, Babe

Run for, run for those hills babe
let go of the dark days.
let go of the world.

Okay, if a song has whistling in it, it’s automatically fantastic in my book— but in all seriousness, “Run For Those Hills, Babe” by Tom Rosenthal is a truly excellent song. The highlight track off his 3rd studio album, Bolu, released about a month ago, this song embodies the characteristics of what I deem a “season transitional song.” This is my personal terminology for a song that helps me, mentally, socially, and/or spiritually transition from one season of the year to another. The lyrics that I shared with you at the top of this post should help evidence why this song has helped me transition from the bitter days of winter, to the spirited days of spring. For me, moving from winter into spring is about letting go of the cold world that you’ve been living in for the past four or five months (if you live in the northeast like me), and embracing the dawning light of warmer weather, Bermuda shorts, and black socks with Birkenstocks— wait, what?

All in all, “Run For Those Hills, Babe” is simply put, yet another fulfilling song from the London-based singer-songwriter, Tom Rosenthal. He never ceases to amaze me with his lyrical genius, and perfectly coupled acoustic sound. If you liked “Run For Those Hills, Babe” be sure to check out the track itself, more from Tom Rosenthal, and, as a special treat, one of my favorite remixes of one of his songs so far “Go Solo,” remixed by Niklas Ibach, via SoundCloud below:





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