Artist Profile : Stripe’O

Greetings from NAS – we apologize that it has been so long since we’ve posted anything but we’re back with some great content!

Stripe’O is originally from Atlanta, GA and now resides in Boston, MA. He is a young and talented hip-hop / rap artist who is untouched and pure. Stripe’O does not have to succumb to the pressures of the music industry as he is currently not affiliated with a label. He is an aspiring and up-and-coming rapper who will be sure to make waves in the hip-hop / rap space in the coming years. The raw and very real lyrics allow listeners to truly envision and understand what Stripe’O stands for as an artist. When we asked Stripe’O about what inspires him, he commented that he “writes the music he writes [so he] is able to talk about life experiences or things that might not be spoken about through music nowadays”.  I had the pleasure of watching Stripe’O perform a few weeks ago and the energy he produced in the crowd members was intense. Members of the audience soon sang along to the catchy hook on his track, “Brother” – a truly incredible experience to be a part of. The sound Stripe’O produces in his tracks reminds me of Just Blaze while his flow and delivery remind me of Tyler the Creator. This combination creates great tracks that are going to be highly coveted underground tracks in a few years. As his flow, delivery, and lyric writing matures – we at NAS see plenty of potential in this artists’ future.

Check out and follow Stripe’O on SoundCloud here.


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