sjowgren : seventeen

In honor of my 18th birthday… here’s a song called “seventeen.” But in all seriousness, this song is the embodiment of sjowgren’s unapologetically original and creative sound. Utilizing washed and faded transitions as well as a downplayed bass to set the tone for the emphatic female lead vocalist (whose name is currently unavailable), sjowgren’s first true single is only the first glimpse of what they are capable of.

Little is known about sjowgren right now, other than that their three demos and sole single are fantastic. They’re a trio of high school friends just now coming out of college and located in the Bay Area, composed of, in their words, “Two parts male One part female.” Basically we’ve only seen the first sign of great things to come from this very new up-and-coming alternative group.

Check out sjowgren’s first single, “seventeen,” as well as their original three demos, via SoundCloud below:



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