Louis The Child : It’s Strange (Ft. K.Flay)

Admittedly this song stretches the boundaries of what qualifies as alternative music, erring more on the side of electronic, but it’s a good song and it would be a shame for you all to miss out on it. This song is very special because it will be featured on the upcoming edition of FIFA 16. Based on the FIFA video game’s history of excellent music selections for their in-game soundtrack, I’d say this is a good first indicator of just how fantastic this song really is.

The artists | Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, stage name Louis The Child, hail from Chicago, Illinois and have just recently burst onto the electronic music scene, receiving accolades such as a mention on Billboard’s Top 5 Next Big Sound list. Of further interest in relation to this specific song from the duo, is their feature artist: K.Flay.

Kristine Meredith Flaherty, otherwise known as K.Flay, hails from Wilmette, Illinois, an indication as to the origins of the vocalist’s connection with the up-and-coming Louis The Child from Chicago. K.Flay typically sticks to the hip-hop, indie and alternative music, influencing, and complimenting, her work on “It’s Strange.”

The song itself strikes a near-perfect balance between a slow, ascending and upbeat electronic intro to K.Flay’s masterful lyrics and beautiful vocals. There are two times in the song when Louis The Child’s sound swings more towards dubstep, hitting hard in those two particular sections between K.Flay’s vocals, but for the most part the song stays relatively low-key.

This is merely a bio of this incredible new electronic duo, and their feature artist, as well as an introduction to their latest song. However, I don’t believe I can do it  justice, so check it out via SoundCloud below, and let us know what you think of it in the “Comments” section:





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