Passenger : Heart’s On Fire

“Well I don’t know how and I don’t know why

When something’s living well you can’t say die”

English folk rock recording artist Passenger, best known for the hit “Let Her Go”, has a slew of other works worth listening to. This track, “Heart’s On Fire”, the lead off their 2014 album Whispers is, in my humble opinion, a better song than “Let Her Go”.

The simple yet meaningful and moving lyrics in conjunction with the acoustic plucking of Michael David Rosenberg make for a dynamite track. Furthermore, Rosenberg wrote the lyrics to “Heart’s On Fire” leading one to really appreciate the genuine emotion evoked and inspired by the track. When interviewed by Digital Spy about the “Heart’s On Fire”, Rosenberg said that it “… is a nostalgic song. It’s about when the timing with someone isn’t right, even though the person might be. And although you’re not with that person at the time, there may be a moment in the future where the relationship makes more sense.”

Please take a listen via SoundCloud below and enjoy. Also, check out Passenger’s newest album Whispers II – all the profits of which go to the UNICEF UK initiative to help kids in Liberia.

– Jonah



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