Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, LANco (formerly known as Lancaster & Company) is an incredible country talent who is sure to have plenty of hits in the coming years. Their self-titled EP, released only on Spotify, has a song that really caught our ears here at New Alt Sounds. “American Love Story” is simple both in composition and in lyrical content. Although technically a country song,  “American Love Story” has a folk feel to it given the use of an arpeggiated banjo as the instrument of choice and little production. The lyrics, for example:

“I was gonna be your forever / and you were gonna be my wife / but you went off to find better / and I was learning all about life / but I was what you wanted, you were what I needed, and we could meet in between / we were gonna be the greatest love story this town had ever seen,” are wonderful in their simplistic impact of emotion drawing ability. LANco’s other tracks include those with a troubadour-type of feeling (see “Troublemaker”) as well as tracks with strong elements of early 2000’s rock (see “High”).

We recommend that you check out their track “American Love Story” and the rest of their EP, exclusively on Spotify. You’ll be singing along and playing LANco on repeat before you know it. Also, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and watch their brief promo video on YouTube.



– Jonah

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