Broken Back : Halcyon Birds

There’s an ancient Greek belief about the “halcyon” bird: that it was in fact a kingfisher, whose nesting on the sea caused two weeks of calm weather around the winter solstice. Now whether Broken Back was fully aware of this legend, and whether it thus influenced this song by him, is up for debate. What is not up for debate however, is how good of a debut this song and the album it comes from are for Broken Back.

Broken Back is the stage name for artist Jérôme Fagnet, whom was born in Saint-Malo, France. He now resides in Paris and “Halcyon Birds” is the debut single off his debut album: Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy. Part of the crazy story behind Broken Back’s debut EP is that he formed an incorporated company (Broken Back Inc.) in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment to bring his album to market. This gave Fagnet more creative license over his music— and it shows. As we have been awaiting new material from Broken Back (last release August 2015) I’ll leave you with his latest single.

I would compare Broken Back’s vocals to Tom Odell’s and his music itself is a more electronic-pop take on Milky Chance’s distinctive folktronica. If this sounds up your alley, take a listen to “Halcyon Birds” by Broken Back below:


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