Deerhunter : Nitebike

I am sitting in the back of a Martz bus. The lights have cut out, the obligatory safety instructions over with. I am thankful for that: I am listening to Deerhunter.

The lights of the city don’t fade away, they end up abruptly. You notice it, and that’s where Deerhunter takes you. That edge between the natural and the artificial. Hailing from Atlanta, the rock band (currently) composed of Bradford Cox, Lockett Pundt, Moses Archuleta, Josh McKay, Javier Morales and Rhasaan Manning is impartial to the experimental, art, indie and garage forms of rock.

“Nitebike” is an expression of lead vocalist and songwriter Bradford Cox’s childhood growing up queer and socially-alienated in Marietta, Georgia. This however, is a sweeping generalization, and only defines the subject matter of “Nitebike.” It barely scratches the surface of the complex character Cox invokes via Deerhunter’s music.

Bradford Cox is a truly dynamic musician, capable of implementing numerous instrumental, textural and electronic elements into a cohesive, acoustically resonant musical experience. Cox also does solo work under the moniker Atlas Sound.

Check out “Nitebike” below:

Nitebike (YouTube)

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