Corey Smith : Twenty-One

If you've ever spent a good amount of time below the Mason-Dixon line then you're most likely familiar with Corey Smith. Born in Jefferson, Georgia in 1979, Smith is revered as a God in the town of Athens, Georgia. Because of his close proximity to the University of Georgia while growing up, Smith spent a considerable…Read more Corey Smith : Twenty-One

LANco : American Love Story

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, LANco (formerly known as Lancaster & Company) is an incredible country talent who is sure to have plenty of hits in the coming years. Their self-titled EP, released only on Spotify, has a song that really caught our ears here at New Alt Sounds. "American Love Story" is simple both in…Read more LANco : American Love Story

Passenger : Heart’s On Fire

"Well I don't know how and I don't know why When something's living well you can't say die" English folk rock recording artist Passenger, best known for the hit "Let Her Go", has a slew of other works worth listening to. This track, "Heart's On Fire", the lead off their 2014 album Whispers is, in my humble opinion,…Read more Passenger : Heart’s On Fire

Sad Songs

We at New Alt Sounds are always looking for what's new. So we decided to create an archive of playlists, curated by the New Alt Sounds team, that are mood or activity related. Here's our debut list - "NAS | Certified Sad Songs" - timeless tracks that will keep you thinking about your ex late into the…Read more Sad Songs

Port Isla : A.L.I.V.E.

A unique combination of Passion Pit and Saint Motel leads us to Port Isla. We at New Alt Sounds are very excited about this up-and-coming artist. They are a four-piece folk-alt band started by Will Bloomfield and Stanley Spilman hailing from Norwich, England. Their sound would best be described as, plain and simply, upbeat. Although their…Read more Port Isla : A.L.I.V.E.

What We’re Listening To Now… (04.25.15)

This is what we at New Alt Sounds are listening to this week. A nice mix of new tracks and classic alternative songs that you can jam out to. Check out our SoundCloud page here and the set list here - enjoy! 1) The Crystal Method | Born Too Slow 2) Dilated Peoples | Who's Who…Read more What We’re Listening To Now… (04.25.15)

Tom Rosenthal : Run For Those Hills, Babe

Run for, run for those hills babe let go of the dark days. let go of the world. Okay, if a song has whistling in it, it's automatically fantastic in my book— but in all seriousness, "Run For Those Hills, Babe" by Tom Rosenthal is a truly excellent song. The highlight track off his 3rd…Read more Tom Rosenthal : Run For Those Hills, Babe