Sad Songs

We at New Alt Sounds are always looking for what's new. So we decided to create an archive of playlists, curated by the New Alt Sounds team, that are mood or activity related. Here's our debut list - "NAS | Certified Sad Songs" - timeless tracks that will keep you thinking about your ex late into the…Read more Sad Songs

What We’re Listening To Now… (07.06.15)

Hi everyone! We at New Alt Sounds are happy to bring you some summer sounds to jam out to - enjoy this list here on SoundCloud! MYNGA | Back Home (feat. Cosmo Klein) [Thomas Jack Remix] Glass Animals | Black Mambo Robert DeLong | Long Way Down The Ludlow Thieves | Almost ASTR | Activate…Read more What We’re Listening To Now… (07.06.15)

Timber Timbre : Hot Dreams

It's around midnight going from Wednesday into Thursday and I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, I need a psychedelic song to space me out before bed so I can actually fall asleep." So who do I turn to but the Canadian kings of psychedelic folk-alt: Timber Timbre. Timber Timbre was formed back in 2005 somewhere between Toronto…Read more Timber Timbre : Hot Dreams

SUMMER HEART : Beat of Your Heart

One of my absolute favorite sub-genres of alternative music is Lo-Fi. For those of you who don't know, lo-fi (low fidelity) is the counterpart of hi-fi (high fidelity), which is the quality in which almost all professional music is recorded in. The only reason an artist would use lo-fi is a) they can't afford, or…Read more SUMMER HEART : Beat of Your Heart

The Eden Project : Fumes

"This is beyond belief, that we keep falling for the lure of liquid confidence and lights, and we skydive from walls we built, dying just to feel alive." From an opening dominated by guitar trills and an electronic backdrop, to the latter half of the song where The Eden Project's mastermind, Jonathan Ng, transitions into…Read more The Eden Project : Fumes

The Kite String Tangle : Stone Cold (feat. Tiana Khasi)

Many of you may know The Kite String Tangle from his feature on Adventure Club's song, "Wonder," or possibly from his now well-known debut single, "Given The Chance," which has over 1 million plays on SoundCloud. He performed the vocals in Adventure Club's "Wonder" on their debut EP, Calling All Heroes, and Adventure Club aided in putting him on the map with it. The…Read more The Kite String Tangle : Stone Cold (feat. Tiana Khasi)

Clem Leek : You’re So Very Far Away

Clem Leek, a UK native, composes music as well as specializes in sound design. His focuses include modern classical music, ambient tunes, and post-classical tracks. Clem Leek's songs do not include vocals - he is a purist of sound. Some albums to note include Rest (2013), Lifenotes (2011), and Holly Lane (2010). "You're So Very Far…Read more Clem Leek : You’re So Very Far Away