Deerhunter : Nitebike

I am sitting in the back of a Martz bus. The lights have cut out, the obligatory safety instructions over with. I am thankful for that: I am listening to Deerhunter. The lights of the city don't fade away, they end up abruptly. You notice it, and that's where Deerhunter takes you. That edge between…Read more Deerhunter : Nitebike

Broken Back : Halcyon Birds

There's an ancient Greek belief about the "halcyon" bird: that it was in fact a kingfisher, whose nesting on the sea caused two weeks of calm weather around the winter solstice. Now whether Broken Back was fully aware of this legend, and whether it thus influenced this song by him, is up for debate. What is…Read more Broken Back : Halcyon Birds

Turn Around (Âme Remix) : Sailor & I

Alexander Sjödin, the man behind Sailor & I, hails from Stockholm, Sweden and is a singer, producer, and an expert with a variety of instruments. Sjödin is known for his own vocal contributions to his electronic / house songs. Although not well known in the United States, Sailor & I has received high praise from BBC…Read more Turn Around (Âme Remix) : Sailor & I

Jamie T : Rabbit Hole

This late-released single came out in early December as a part of Jamie T's third full-length album, Carry on the Grudge. Featuring Jamie T's iconic British accented vocals, and incredibly catchy chorus lyrics, this song is an indie-lover's dream. Jamie T himself, true name Jamie Treays, is a Wimbledon, South London-born singer-songwriter signed by the Virgin…Read more Jamie T : Rabbit Hole