Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Edit) : Billie Eilish & Astronomyy

Astronomyy is a relatively unknown British alternative electro-pop artist that is self-described as "Surf/Urban," an unrecognized sub-genre. It would most likely be located somewhere near the "House" end of the EDM spectrum of Electronic. The intertwining of alternative elements - such as Astronomyy's signature "space guitar" sound - and electronic music have not been paired this well…Read more Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Edit) : Billie Eilish & Astronomyy

Summer Sounds

With Memorial Day weekend coming to a close, marking the official start to summer 2016, we at New Alt Sounds want to share the songs that we believe will be hits all season long. So take a look, add them to your favorite music playback service, and jam out accordingly! ZHU x Skrillex x THEY |…Read more Summer Sounds

What We’re Listening To Now… (3.18.15)

Hey all - we at New Alt Sounds want to let you all know what we are listening to on our iPods. Below is a playlist of tracks that we're jamming out to with no shame | note the mix of pop, new alternative, and classic tracks to make for a great mix | enjoy!…Read more What We’re Listening To Now… (3.18.15)

The Wombats : Give Me A Try

"We could be gigantic, everything I need Vicodin on Sunday nights This could be worth the risk, worth the guarantee This could be the drug that doesn't bite Just give me a try Just give me a try Been kind of hoping you might Get up and give me a try." With lyrics like these,…Read more The Wombats : Give Me A Try

Saint Raymond : Everything She Wants

Hello all. It's been quite some time since my last review but I am happy to be back writing for New Alt Sounds. Callum Burrows, known more commonly as Saint Raymond, reigns from Nottingham, England and is only aged 19. He is primarily an indie-pop / alternative pop singer and songwriter. His track, Fall at Your Feet,…Read more Saint Raymond : Everything She Wants

Sia : Elastic Heart

Given the recent controversy over Sia's music video for "Elastic Heart" and because the track is a top played song of mine as of late, I decided to review "Elastic Heart". Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, known by her stage name Sia, is an alt-pop and alt-rock singer / songwriter. Her talents have been featured in many works,…Read more Sia : Elastic Heart

CHAMPS. : Desire

"Started with explosions, the sound of bombs in your hear, but just like everything, just like everything, the sounds would fade and fall apart..." From the very beginning of "Desire" by CHAMPS. it is clear the kind of melodic, trance-like state their unique sound can put you in. The literally echoing lyrics of CHAMPS.'s latest single…Read more CHAMPS. : Desire