Broken Back : Halcyon Birds

There's an ancient Greek belief about the "halcyon" bird: that it was in fact a kingfisher, whose nesting on the sea caused two weeks of calm weather around the winter solstice. Now whether Broken Back was fully aware of this legend, and whether it thus influenced this song by him, is up for debate. What is…Read more Broken Back : Halcyon Birds

Turn Around (Âme Remix) : Sailor & I

Alexander Sjödin, the man behind Sailor & I, hails from Stockholm, Sweden and is a singer, producer, and an expert with a variety of instruments. Sjödin is known for his own vocal contributions to his electronic / house songs. Although not well known in the United States, Sailor & I has received high praise from BBC…Read more Turn Around (Âme Remix) : Sailor & I

Album Review – Palace : Lost In The Night EP

While perusing the Explore section of SoundCloud's website today, I stumbled across a song, "I Want What You Got," that peaked my interest. With some further investigation I found that this song was part of a five song introductory EP by a rather new band, Palace. I listened to every song on the album and then wondered to…Read more Album Review – Palace : Lost In The Night EP