Deerhunter : Nitebike

I am sitting in the back of a Martz bus. The lights have cut out, the obligatory safety instructions over with. I am thankful for that: I am listening to Deerhunter. The lights of the city don't fade away, they end up abruptly. You notice it, and that's where Deerhunter takes you. That edge between…Read more Deerhunter : Nitebike

Passenger : Heart’s On Fire

"Well I don't know how and I don't know why When something's living well you can't say die" English folk rock recording artist Passenger, best known for the hit "Let Her Go", has a slew of other works worth listening to. This track, "Heart's On Fire", the lead off their 2014 album Whispers is, in my humble opinion,…Read more Passenger : Heart’s On Fire

Sad Songs

We at New Alt Sounds are always looking for what's new. So we decided to create an archive of playlists, curated by the New Alt Sounds team, that are mood or activity related. Here's our debut list - "NAS | Certified Sad Songs" - timeless tracks that will keep you thinking about your ex late into the…Read more Sad Songs