CHAMPS. : Desire

"Started with explosions, the sound of bombs in your hear, but just like everything, just like everything, the sounds would fade and fall apart..." From the very beginning of "Desire" by CHAMPS. it is clear the kind of melodic, trance-like state their unique sound can put you in. The literally echoing lyrics of CHAMPS.'s latest single…Read more CHAMPS. : Desire

Sisyphus : Take Me

Sisyphus is rare; one of the many somewhat underground artists of the genre: trip-hop. Sisyphus’ first full-length album, Sisyphus, was released earlier this year in early March, and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to review it ever since. Though this isn’t a full album review, as I believe the only way to fully understand Sisyphus’ unique…Read more Sisyphus : Take Me